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I’ve been doing a lot of hiking on weekends with coworkers, visiting some pretty incredible places along the Marine County coastline.

Here are some of my favorite snaps from the past couple of weekends.

Forever coastline.

Found a beautiful waterfall trickling down to the beach.



Sunshine & the sound of waves made it pretty easy to take a nap on the beach.


Taking the ferry over to Sausalito.


Sausalito is this lovely little seaside town just on the other side of the Golden Gate Bridge. Or, hope on a ferry like I did and spend 25 minutes enjoying the views of the bay.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Today was the beginning of my adventure to Wyoming.

We left my parent’s place at about 5:30 AM on our way to the halfway point, a little town called Nemo, SD, which would be smack dab in the middle of the Black Hills. In total, our trip was estimated to be about 9 hours long.

As you can image, throughout parts of the drive I napped periodically and read parts of my ‘Bossypants’ book by Tina Fey (really funny, by the way). My dad also played an audiobook about a man’s adventures in the Appalachian Mountains, which I am sure was meant to frighten me for our impending hikes out in Wyoming. Regardless, I found the audiobook to worthwhile (until I fell asleep).

With about 3 hours to go, we finally got to the Badlands in South Dakota. I must admit, my expectations were quite low — There was nothing about sand-colored rock formations that seemed appealing to me.

But until we actually got there I understood why it was a sight to see. Here is my (failed) attempt to give it justice — It was valley after valley of rocky peaks;  everywhere you looked you saw formations, jagged edges, and a color that seemed to change with the sun.


In fact, my anxiety level was on high as I felt like I wasn’t able to capture enough of its beauty with my camera as we weaved through the Badlands.



We would stop every now and then to take pictures, but I felt like it wasn’t enough. If I had my way, we would have been stopping at every turn. However, I kept reminding myself that this was nothing compared to the Grand Tetons (our final destination).


We even say Prairie Dogs before leaving the area – But apparently these were not healthy Prairie Dogs, but instead hit by a plague. Don’t get too close. Regardless of their infected state, I still thought they were kind of cute, no?

The only down point I can take away from the Badlands was that it was 103 degrees while we were there. Not the most ideal environment to be in when you’re walking around on a baking ground.

When we finally reached Rapid City, SD the scenery started to be awe-inspiring as we entered the Black Hills National Park on our way to our rental cabin in Nemo. Winding roads took us up about 4,500 feet to where are little cabin was nestled in a very peaceful area away from main roads.

Our first night was meant to be relaxing as we traveled for so long in the car. After showering, I spent about an hour sitting out on our upper floor deck, drinking a glass of wine, reading ‘Gone Girl’ by Gillian Flynn & enjoying the bustling flow of a nearby creek. It was so quiet and relaxing in this little corner of the world. It was just what I needed.


We grilled steak that night, had a quick meal, and with my dad and me being quite tired, we turned in early for a long (but exciting day) ahead of us.

Before falling asleep, I started watching the first episode of ‘The Sopranos’. It’s a show I’ve been meaning to watch and I’m hoping to get a few episodes in during this trip.

Day Two will be posted soon.


So, I obviously made it out alive. And completely forgot that I was going to write about my little trip.

First and foremost, I definitely enjoyed camping (minus the bugs). We went to a State Park campground where our little group had campsites right next to each other. I recommend doing it this way if you’re camping with a group. You still have the privacy of your own campsite, but you’re neighbors with everyone in your group.

Some of my favorite parts of the trip:

  • Sitting around the campfire with good company.
  • Having deer come right up to our campsite.
  • The trail to the falls at sunset.
  • The scenic overlook at the end of the trail at sunset.
  • Boys being boys at the beach (throwing each other into the lake). 
  • Having lovely weather (it only rained for a couple hours on Saturday).
  • Being taken care of by the man in my life.
  • Grilling. Food is so much better when camping.
  • Taking pictures of the outdoors.

Speaking of taking pictures, I’m hoping to post some photos from my trip soon. Stay tuned!



P.S., If your camping this weekend & need some reminders on what to bring, I’ve started a camping list here. It was so incredibly helpful for me - We didn’t miss a thing. We had everything we needed (and more).


Welp, I’m going camping this weekend…

Actually, it should be quite fun. I’m going with a group of close friends (eight people in total, including myself). My only concern is that I haven’t been camping since I was a child. So, I’m interested to see how I do as a grown women who has definitely outgrown her tomboy years.

I started packing last night - I didn’t realize how much stuff you have to bring! I’m totally a nerd and did a little research online before I started packing. To add to the nerdery, I created a 'Camping List' in InDesign. I’ll share the documents in my next post. 

Regardless of all the concerns of camping (you know, the inexperience, the dreaded tent and packing the right supplies to name a few), I’m very excited. And I’m bringing my camera with on this little adventure. Crossing my fingers I’m able to get some great shots to add to my collection.

Be sure to check back here Monday. If I made it out alive I’m sure to have some good stories.