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SarahBelle Studio is a blog (& shop) for those who love the beauty of nature, traveling afar, colorful flora & all other things miscellany that inspire me.

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Since I’m having such a hard time getting AFOMFTs out on Friday, I thought I would share what I’ve compiled so far today. A little Sunday edition.

What are you up to today? It’s a beautiful, cloud-free day in San Fransisco. One should go outside, but I’m rather tired today. I think I’ll make a pot of Spicy Sausage and Potato Soup and spend some time in the garden.

Have a lovely last day of rest before the work-week grind.

Have you used Stitch Fix yet? It’s your own online personal shopper that sends fun clothing & jewelry finds to your door.

Another cool find: Similar to Rent The Runway, now you’ll never have to buy a bridesmaid dress again. Instead, rent it at Little Borrowed Dress. I especially love this style (but they don’t have it in the color I need!).

A couple of great quotes from some famous faces.

One word that should never follow “I love you.”

Have you used a food delivery service like Plated or Blue Apron? I want to try it out!

Seek happiness in every moment.

Track your happiness.

Started with this recipe, but ended up doing a Cauliflower and Asparagus Tart. Sooo good!

Have a great Sunday afternoon! :)


Just sent out one of my favorite cards to a client.

Greetings! It’s been a little while since I’ve blogged. My apologies.

I’ll start up a regular schedule again next week. Life’s been busy… But I need to make time for blogging.

Let’s chat again next week!


P.S., I sold a card this week… I’ll share more later.



Wanted to share a couple of snapshot from my new apartment.

One of my favorite perks of the place is my private entryway, which leads back to our front door. Just outside is an adorable seating area with a gate that leads into a beautiful little garden.

I can imagine myself drinking coffee out there in the morning, which makes me quite happy :)



I’m officially moving into an apartment today!

I’ve been searching for “the right one” the last four weeks in a couple of different neighborhood; said neighborhoods being Marina, Cow Hollow, Pacific Heights, Russian Hill and Hayes Valley.

As of Sunday, I found out that I was approve to move into an apartment in Pacific Heights, in a beautiful blue Victorian.


I’ll be in the back unit, which has a small little manicured garden & seating area lit by little light bulbs. It’s quite cozy & cute. I cannot wait to make use of it this weekend.

So, as you can imagine, tomorrow will be a little busy. I’m taking off work, renting a car, moving boxes from my vacation rental to my new apartment, & then most likely running errands and shopping for household essentials while I have a car available to me.

I’ll share more photos and information about the apartment hopefully sometime over the weekend, while I’m sipping a glass of wine out on my new little patio.



Welp, it’s been a while since I’v done a AFOMFT series, but I’m back!

Today is ‘Fun Friday’ at the office. We’re making lunch & then going bowling for the rest of the day. Perks of the job. :) We were suppose to go to Golden Gate Park (which I was really excited about because I haven’t been there yet), but it’s been rainy for the past couple of days, so we decided to reschedule.

If I’ve caught you during lunch or a break, here are some of my favorite links from the past week. Enjoy!

If you’re watching the Oscars on Sunday, make your predictions with this downloadable printable ballot.

Speaking of the Oscars, for fun, let’s look back at all the orange men who have graces us with their glowing faces.

Made me laugh — If Disney princesses met their match on Tinder.

I’m sure a lot of cities have the same concept, so be on the look out. It looks quite fun & exciting!

Just discovered this… Heavy wallet? Get coin.

Another cool new product for runner. Moov helps you optimize your form while running to give you best workout.

Every Oscar dress worn by a Best Actress Academy Award winner.

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay warm to my friends fighting the cold. 


Whew! This past week has been a blur. And I’ve been so bad about blogging. But, really, not much has changed. I’m still in limbo right now — staying at a vacation rental, exploring some neighborhoods, & going to apartment showings.

However, this weekend I finally went out to Muir Woods with some of my coworkers. Oh my goodness, it’s so incredibly beautiful. If you’re in the area and love to hike, I would definitely recommend it. My pictures do not do it justice.

We did the Ocean View trail (trail map here), accidentally made a wrong turn & went down Lost Hills trails instead of going up to the top for the panoramic view over Mills Valley (whoops), but I suppose it gives us a reason to go back.

Anyway, I wanted to share a couple of snapshots from our little excursion over the weekend. Which reminds me, we also visited a cute seaside town called Sausalito, where we grabbed lunch & browsed the village a bit. This too, should definitely be on your list of destinations if you’re in the Bay Area.


Going over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time! I didn’t get any pictures, but wow the views from the bridge are amazing!


It’s absolutely incredibly how huge (& old) these magnificent trees are.




I saw a slug for the first time. Gross!



View from Sausalito, looking back at my new, beautiful city.

Enjoy! :)


Today was a gorgeous day in San Francisco. Full-on sun all day — the first for me since I’ve been here. Lucky for me, the rest of the week is supposed to me nice as well.

I had a couple of apartment showings today. The first one, a cute little studio on Green St., is the first that I’ve actually really liked. I’ve reached out about submitting an application, so hopefully she gets back to me soon.

In between showings, I stopped at Alta Plaza Park, to catch some rays, read, & take in the views of the bay. So peaceful & beautiful.

I also did a little more walking up in down Fillmore (legs are so sore!), finding some lovely little treasures along the way. The leaf (bottom right) was so amazing.


Now, after a hot shower, the rest of my night will be devoted to typing up a “creative brief” for work. Fun, fun.

Wish me luck on the apartment!



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Happy Friday! And Happy Valentine’s Day to all the lovers out there!

What are your plans for tonight? I’m staying in, cooking dinner, & cuddling up on the couch to a good chick flick (or House Of Cards) & my partner in crime — a glass of wine. 

But besides that, I wanted to update you on my first week in San Francisco. As I mentioned earlier, the first couple of days it was raining, which was kind of a bummer, but the work week was quite nice. Every time I look out of the office window, I still cannot believe that’s the ocean out there! How fantastic it is that I live in such a beautiful city. I don’t think it has settled yet…

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Hi there - Just wanted to check in. I’ve safely made it to San Francisco as of yesterday, but today is my first full-day in the city. Loving it so far, the only down side being that it’s been rainy since I got here. Come on, sunshine!

I’ll try to start my normal blogging schedule next week, but things will probably still be a little crazy for awhile. I’ll at least try to do my ‘A Few Of My Favorite Things' post on Fridays.

Stay warm.